Megan Nguyen

Email: president.sas.ucf@gmail.com

Vice President

Yonglin Wu

Email: vicepresident.sas.ucf@gmail.com


Cherlande Cheribin

Email: treasurer.sas.ucf@gmail.com

Director of Professional Events

Liam Werner

Email: professional.sas.ucf@gmail.com

Director of Community Outreach

Katey Patterson

Email: communityoutreach.sas.ucf@gmail.com

Director of Social Events

Nikki McGinnis

Email: social.sas.ucf@gmail.com

Director of Correspondence

Jose Offman

Email: vpcorrespondence.sas.ucf@gmail.com

Director of Membership

Anh Minh Le

Email: ucfsas@gmail.com

Faculty Advisor

Leigh Rosenthal

Email: Leigh.Rosenthal@ucf.edu

Office: BA1 435