Initiates must obtain 34 total points; members must obtain 25 total points.

The points are broken down as followed:



Initiates must obtain 16 professional points. Members must obtain 12:

  • Wednesday Workshops (1 point per event, there are 9 events this semester)
  • Tuesday/Thursday Meetings (1 point per event, there are 11 events this semester)
  • UCF Career Fair/Internship Fair/Meet The Firms (3 points per event, there are 3 events this semester)
  • Faculty Breakfast/Lunch (1 point per event, there are 10 events this semester)

There is a total of 46 Professional Points available.



Initiates must obtain 10 social points; members must obtain 7 social points.

  • Meet the Officers (1 point)
  • Initiate Picnic MANDATORY for initiates (2 points)
  • Partial Proceeds for SAS (1 point per event, there are 4 events this semester)
  • Ice Cream Social (1 point)
  • Game Knight (1 point)
  • Field Day (1 point)
  • Low Ropes MANDATORY for initiates (2 points, there are 2 events this semester)
  • High Ropes (Must attend Low Ropes first) (4 points)
  • Tailgate (1 points, there are 6 events this semester)

There is a total of 24 Social Points available.



Initiates must obtain 10 volunteer points and members must obtain 8 volunteer points:

  • Central Florida Zoo (1 point)
  • Pet Alliance (1 point)
  • UCF Arboretum Cleanup (1 point)
  • Canned Food Drive (1 point for every 3 cans, 6 points max)
  • T.E.A.M Help (Unlimited Points)

There is a total of 14 Volunteer Points available.



Bonus points are given by your T.E.A.M. leader and other non-scheduled events, such as helping set up the tailgates. They can count towards any of the above categories, so be sure to keep up with your emails from your T.E.A.M. leader to ensure you receive all possible bonus point opportunities.


Don’t wait until the end of the semester to start getting points!