TEAM’s are created to help officers with duties to achieve extra points.

Social Events T.E.A.M.

●     Assist with setup/cleanup of meetings

●     Transportation of food and drinks

●     Help with initiate picnic (02/04)

●     Contact: social@sasucf.org

Bowling Tournament T.E.A.M.

●     Assist with planning, setup, and cleanup of SAS’s Bowling Tournament

●     Assist Vice President in Bowling Tournament Related Activities

●     Contact: vicepresident@sasucf.org

Marketing T.E.A.M.

●     Take photos of events

●     Collaborate on ways to market SAS

●     Help design marketing materials

●     Points for assisting

●     Contact: marketing@sasucf.org

Membership T.E.A.M.

●     Assist with creating sign in sheets at individual meetings

●     Contact: membership@sasucf.org

Constitution Revision T.E.A.M

●     Update format of constitution

●     Bring constitution up to date with club policy

●     Contact: vicepresident@sasucf.org

Fundraising T.E.A.M

●     Assist in planning and executing a color run

●     Participate in brainstorming meetings

●     Contact: fundraising@sasucf.org